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Architectural woodworking – A passion for wood and the art of details

No matter how many times it has been copied, nothing will ever replace wood. Wood is a living matter. Like a work of art, its value lies not only in its qualities, but also in its defects, and above all, its personality. We specialize in solid wood. For over three decades, we have been creating balconies, heritage ornamentations, staircases, wood turning and other works for clients who insist on quality. Wood is not for everyone: it is for connoisseurs, those who have an abiding passion for this noble and timeless material, and for the art of details. We are specialists in architectural woodworking.

Protecting the heritage character of your vintage, historic, or Victorian house through careful and authentic renovations

As the owner of an historic house, you play an important role in heritage protection. Our experts in architectural woodwork will be more than happy to recommend the appropriate renovations to stop the decay of your wood balcony, or even better, highlight the finer details of your vintage or Victorian house, wood components worn by age giving way to finely carved ornaments, turning it into a true visual delight.

Wood: an element of contemporary design

Modern woodworks have influenced the last few decades through purity of lines and precise proportions. Wood is beautiful to look at and warm to the touch. It is alive, but above all, it is GREEN. Whether you strive want to create an exceptional patio experience, or to have the most beautiful property in the neighborhood, we can create the architectural works that will make heads turn.

Wood turning and custom woodwork, according to your needs and specifications

Wood turning and woodworking offer multiples avenues for the construction as well as the indoor and outdoor renovation of your home or commercial building. The art of architectural woodwork makes it possible to restore a Victorian house to its original beauty or give a perfectly modern feel to a new construction.

Whether you need a wood column or a balcony, a balustrade or a banister, ornaments or moldings, advanced wood-turning techniques allow us to create custom woodworks. Whatever the amount of space you have, or what heritage restoration constraints you must follow, our creative team will find the best way to meet your needs and specifications.



Heritage Signature

We have worked on hundreds of projects. Whether your house is Victorian, vintage, ancestral or century-old, we can help you restore its heritage beauty.


Element Signature

Our Element Signature line integrates wood in its contemporary form, a development of noble materials and clean forms. It offers infinite possibilities for designing exterior living spaces.

Signature escalier Accueil

Staircase Signature

We are passionate about making exceptional wood staircases. We can create a wood staircase that will enhance your property’s architecture.


If you property is situated in an old neighborhood, some cities will support up to 50% of the costs of some renovations like balconies.


You want to see more of our products, please click here to get the full selection of our standard products.


We offer custom wood turning service for speciality products as well as wood turning for small and large quantities.  Click here to know more.


You have questions. We have answers to the most common ones. Click here for the FAQ.


Bonjour à  toute l’équipe.

Je tenais à  vous remercier chaleureusement pour l’excellent travail que vous avez fait sur la réfection des colonnes et l’esthétique de la façade du 1202 au 1224 rue de Bellechasse à  Montréal. Nous sommes heureux d’avoir fait le bon choix et n’hésiterons pas à vous référer.

Nicole H.

Merci à vous et votre équipe. Dès le début du projet juste qu’à la fin je suis à 100% contente
Si vous avez besoin de références hésitez pas à donner mon numéro.

Mme. Ridell

Just wanted you to know – the work you and your people do is AMAZING.  IT looks gorgeous.  I also had people walking past my house this fall stopping and commenting on the gorgeous work.  THANK YOU so much for helping make my home my mini-palace.