What is a quality exterior wood product?

It requires the right wood, the right design, a good finish and an adequate installation. It is imperative to select an experienced contractor or the durability of the work might severely suffer.

Which woods are used for exterior products?

Traditionnaly in Quebec, pine was the main wood because it reacts well to weather and is affordable. With the right design and regular maintenance, it will be very durable. Cedar (western red or spanish) is a more expensive option, but will last longer with its natural resistance to water and insects. We use it for the bases of our column and posts because of their regular contact with humidity. If the customer is not sure to do a regular maintenance, we also recommend it for the floor and the steps, but selecting this option increases the budget. We do believe it is worth the investment on such a balcony. In the case of our Element Signature, glass rails are only available in cedar because wood deterioration over the years could become a security issue in the case of severe winds on the glass surface.

What is a good design and a good finish?

The secret is to avoid extended contact with water. It implies to plan water evacuation and to apply finishes that will prevent its penetration in the wood. You also want to avoid contact with humid elements like the ground. Finally, a good finish product must be applied on all exposed surfaces, even if they are hidden.

What is wood’s durability in an exterior application?

The durability depends greatly on maintenance. You must prevent water penetration and extended exposition to humidity. Dry wood will last decades.

What makes a wood balcony an exceptional work?

It starts by paying attention to architectural details and the quality of the installation. An heritage restoration is after all a renovation. It is very important to evaluate the qualities and weaknesses of the existing to carefully plan additions destined to bright up the potential of the property. A quality designer and installer will have a global vision of the work and will be able to make the necessary adjustments to adapt the base and create a master piece.

How do I maintain my exterior wood ornaments?

First of all by carefully inspecting the wood in the spring and the fall. You must avoid extended contact with humidity. Avoid contact with vegetation, clean any accumulation of organic matter like dead leaves (Espesially where the handrail meets the post at the bottom of a staircase), remove early in the spring your carpets and stair covers, etc. If you find open joints or if the wood cracked, immediately seal it. And as need needed, repaint the balcony, depending on its exposition to elements.

Why protect the heritage of my property?

Architural heritage as an important historic value and that is why city planning’s regulations are protecting it. It is important to realise that a home with a great heritage will keep increasing in value. Also, if you neighbors protect the heritage of their properties, your neighborhood will also gain value.

Are there any subsidy programs for heritage related renovation?

To keep the heritage of a property can involve additional costs to the owner of a house. That is why many cities have subsidies. We have compiled a list of the programs we know of in the Subsidies page, but we recommend you to verify directly with your city since programs may have changed.

What is victorian style?

The word “Victorian” comes from “Victoria”, the name of the reigning queen of Great Britain, from 1837 to 1901. She restored monarchistic prestige; the Victorian period is recognized as being the height of British power. A new architectural style came into being at this time, as a kind of rebellion against classic architectural forms. During the second half of the 19th century, a great deal of construction took place in accordance with the new Victorian style.