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High-end wood balconies and architectural ornaments

An exterior architectural ornament like a wood balcony is an important part of Quebec’s rich architectural heritage. As the owner of an ancestral home, of an urban heritage building, or of a beautiful Victorian house, heritage protection and restoration can only guaranty the value of your investment.
For decades, Ébénisterie Les Tournages du Nord has been specializing in the design, manufacturing and installation of high-end exterior woodwork for both new constructions and heritage restoration projects. Selecting a quality product for a wooden outdoor staircase or balcony is essential to ensure the durability of your acquisition. Whether we are crafting a wood column, a wood balustrade, or an outdoor architectural ornament, our carpenters will restore the splendor of your property and of your wood balcony with their passion for the art of details.
We offer a complete range of wood balcony components. Whether you need a wood balustrade, a wood column, an outdoor staircase, a window ornament, or some type of embellishment like a valance, finial, ornamental bracket, corbel or dentil, we can execute your custom project.
We have worked on hundreds of projects. Whether your house is Victorian, vintage, ancestral or century-old, we can help you restore its heritage beauty. We can either copy the existing woodwork, or restore its original style before it was altered by modern materials. We also offer a wide range of standard products for wood balconies and outdoor ornamentation for new constructions, or for restoring your property when there are no indications as to it’s original style.

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Here is a short list of our products

-Wood balconies
-Wood balustrades
-Wood columns
-Outdoor staircases
-Wood posts
-Architectural ornaments