Staircase Signature

High-end Victorian and custom-designed wood staircases

We are passionate about making exceptional wood staircases. An indoor staircase is a major component in the design of your décor and the master element in the entry hall or living room. We can create a wood staircase that will enhance your property’s architecture. And while we specialize in the Victorian style, our woodworkers will craft for you the style of indoor staircase that fits your house best, because first and foremost, we specialize in custom design.

The term “Victorian” refers to the era of Queen Victoria, which ruled over Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. Victoria fully restored the prestige of the monarchy, and the British Empire was never more powerful than under her rule. The Victorian era gave rise to a new style that rebelled against the classical forms of architecture. In the second half of the 19th century, innumerable residences were fashioned in the Victorian style.

In the case of a wooden staircase, the Victorian style means a wealth of details and embellishments, a style that is almost the opposite of the contemporary style which favours purity of lines. While this type of indoor staircase must harmonize with the architecture of your house, it remains a classic that will endure through the decades. Your wood staircase will be one of the high points of your home.